​  A 10% discount will be offered when purchasing six (6) or   more plots at a time.​  Plots purchased between Memorial   Day and June 30th of each year will be given a 10%   discount.​

 Columbarium Plaza


    "Nature's Beauty Since 1850"

~~ This program is funded in part through the use of funds provided by the city of Topeka ~~

​Peaceful, quiet serenity for a loved one

Burial Plot:                                               $680.00 each**

Opening & Closing:
  Weekdays                                              $650.00
  Saturday                                                $950.00
  Tent & chairs included with
  opening & closing purchase

Cremation Burial:
Weekdays                                             $400.00
Saturday                                               $550.00
Tent & chairs set-up (optional)              $100.00

Columbarium Niche:
One niche (holds 2 cremains)               $900.00**    
Price includes initial engraving
No opening or closing charge
   Saturday Service per each cremains           $100.00
Tent & chairs set-up (optional)              $100.00

Pet Burials                                                 $30.00 & up
 Depending on burial container the
  price could be subject to additional cost. 
  Contact the office for more information.
  Effective 8/10/2020:  Pet burials, Monday-Friday only, and will not be
  scheduled after 3:30 pm.
**Additional $20 fee to Kansas Secretary of State