Soldiers Memorial, a tribute to veterans of the Civil War.

"Nature's Beauty Since 1850"

Garden of the Last Supper established by Friends of the Cemetery in 1999.



Rochester Cemetery is the oldest, historic cemetery in Shawnee County, Kansas.  To date there are over 14,000 burials.  The atmosphere is indicative of its long history due to the shade of the big, old trees along the drives.

Blooming shrubs and plants throughout the cemetery bring beautiful color around Memorial Day.  The entire site provides a picturesque setting for a final resting place.  The excellent care given to the cemetery is evident to visitors. 

The cemetery is operated under the laws of the State of Kansas.  The administration of the cemetery is governed by a board of directors. 

 Unique features of the cemetery are perpetual care which is included in the affordable price of property, upright headstones are welcomed, and we have a large pet cemetery for your beloved pet.  Ample acreage is available for expansion.